CAC CA6 Wackett Trainer  A3-77                                        (c/n  311)


                                       Many of the 200 Wackett Trainers built during WW II were civilianized after the war.  However,
                                   .   although A3-77, the lead aircraft seen in this formation shot, was destined to become VH-AJV,
                                       in the event, was never taken up.   It had been purchased in 1947 for the princely sum of seven
                                       pounds ten shillings, sans engine, and was ultimately scrapped.  A3-31 behind it became VH-AIY
                                       and is currently on display at the RAAF Association Aviation Heritage Museum in Bull Creek WA.  
                                       A3-28 collided with A3-191 at Maryborough, Queensland in 1942 and was reduced to produce,
                                       (scrapped) and this was also the fate that befell furthest away aircraft (A3-15) in this somewhat
                                       grainy image from my own collection.