CAC   CA-25 Winjeel   A85-410                            (c/n   CA-25-10)


The above shot of this early production Winjeel is from the Trevor Fuller collection, via Maurice
                                Austin.   The two
consecutively serialed examples (below) were photographed at Forrest, WA,
                                sometime in the late 1950s.and are from Ellis Trautman.    62 examples of this trainer aircraft were
                                built by Commonwealth Aircraft Corporation at Fisherman's Bend, Melbourne (plus two CA-22
                                model prototypes) from 1955 to 1958    Just what the two below were doing out in the middle of the
                                Nullabor Plain is unknown.    Most of the service life of Winjeels was spent at RAAF Point Cook,
                                Victoria as basic trainers.  Many Winjeels were civilianized when replaced in 1977 by the Pacific
                                Aerospace Corp's CT/4A Airtrainer. (This latter aircraft having been developed by AESL in New
                                Zealand from the successful civilian Airtourer).   A85-455 is still currently flying as VH-XXD.
                                   CAC   CA-25 Winjeel    A85-455                           (c/n   CA-25-55)


                                   CAC   CA-25 Winjeel    A85-456                           (c/n   CA-25-56)