Bristol 163 Buckingham B.Mk I     DX255

                                     Having developed the Beaufighter from the Beaufort, the Air Ministry, in 1940, then requested that
                                     Bristol's modify the fighter back into a high speed bomber.    In the event, the Type 161 Beaumont
                                     as it would have been designated never got beyond the drawing board stage, but in response to a new
                                     Spec., B2/41 they came up with the Type 163 Buckingham B. Mk I.    Although less than an outstanding
                                     success some 119 had been built by which time the clearly superior Mosquito was reaching squadrons.
                                     Hence, after 54 Buckingham bombers had been built, the remainder were converted to high speed courier
                                     machines.  65 unfinished Buckinghams on the production line were converted to Type 166 Buckmaster
                                     transports.  Seen above is the second prototype Buckingham.