Boulton Paul P.111   VT935


                                     The P.111 was an experimental aircraft designed to research the transonic performance of delta
                                     wings.   The pointed fin-tip was detachable, and similar detachable wing tips were also available.
                                     The P.111 first flew in October 1950.   Power was supplied by a Rolls Royce Nene. 
                                     Historic note:  The original Boulton & Paul Company sold off its aircraft division during the
                                     Depression.  In 1934 a re-organized company named Boulton Paul Aircraft Ltd moved into
                                     a new plant in Wolverhampton.   In 1961 to company merged with the Dowty Group which
                                     today is part of the Smiths Aerospace conglomerate.       VT935 is now on display at the
                                     Midland Air Museum, Coventry as the BP.111A.