Boulton Paul Balliol T.2


                                    Unfortunately the only shot I received from Boulton Paul of a Balliol was this almost head on
                                    "attacking" portrait of the prototype which, although not showing salient profile details of the
                                    machine, does give the impression of a fairly advanced trainer, which, in fact, is what it was.
                                    Like the competing (and unsuccessful) Avro Athena, the design was originally to have been a
                                    turbo-prop powered aircraft.  Later changes in Air Ministry specs led to the 1,235 hp Rolls
                                    Royce Merlin 35 powered variant seen above.    200 were built by Boulton Paul and Blackburn,
                                    although they did not serve long, since the A.M. once again changed its mind and opted for jet
                                    trainers .  Most Balliols had been replaced with Vampire T.11s by the mid 1950s..