Boeing B-17G-45-BO                 42-97264


                                         The above rare color photograph was taken by my good friend George Hood, who was navigator
                                         on the B-17G seen below ("Section Eight"**) in October 1944 while both bombers were returning
                                         from a raid over Germany.  Both aircraft were part of the 95th Bomb Group.  42-97264 was named
                                         "Shoo Shoo ---Baby".  Probably one of several to carry that name.   Sadly 42-97264 was lost on a
                                         subsequent mission.   George's aircraft was also lost later, but fortunately he was sick that day and
                                         hence was not part of its crew on the fateful mission. .
                                         **  This name, of course, refers to the condition of an airman who was crazy, loco, nuts, whatever
                                         one called it then.  George informs me they were all pretty well that way after their 35th mission! 
                                         Very little "counseling" for "post traumatic stress" in those days, of course.  George Hood is now 87.

                                        Boeing B-17G-75-VE                44-8604