Avro 701 Athena T.1   VM125


                                      The Athena was designed to meet the Air Ministry spec T.7/45 calling for a turbo-prop powered
                                      advanced trainer, with two side by side seats and an observer's seat behind.  In 1947 the Ministry
                                      re-thought its requirements and issued a new spec T.14/47 built around piston engine power.  I
                                      believe the thinking was, in those days, that the advance to a turbo-prop was too big a jump for
                                      potential pilots.   In the event, only three prototype Athena 1s was built, two with Armstrong
                                      Siddeley Mamba engines, and one with a Roll Royce Dart.  Seen above is the first of the Mamba-
                                      engined variants.