Avro 694 Lincoln  RF355

                                          The Avro Lincoln was a development of the Lancaster, designed by famed aviation architect
                                          Roy Chadwick. It had a greater wingspan and carried a larger payload than the Lancaster.
                                          It arrived too late to see action in WW II, although post war RAF squadrons were equipped
                                          with some 600 of them.   Victory Aircraft in Canada were to have manufactured them but, in
                                          the event, only built one.   The Lincoln was phased out in the late 1950s, and didn't have the
                                          range to attack targets in the then current threat, namely targets inside the Iron Curtain.  (For
                                          that job the RAF had to rely on imported B-29s, named the Washington)..  I believe RF355
                                          went to the Royal Canadian Air Force at some point in its career.