Avro 626   Royal Egyptian Air Force   J.306 / J.309


                                  Two of the 27 Avro 626s supplied to Egypt in 1933 up over the English countryside (it sure isn't
                                  Egypt!).   The 626 was the first true "military": aircraft in the fledgling Royal Egyptian Air Force
                                  although they did operate D.H.60 Moths.  It was basically a model 621 Tutor developed primarily
                                  for the export market.  A version was supplied to the RAF and given the name Prefect.  Ten or so
                                  Avro 626s still equipped the REAF's No 3 Squadron at the outbreak of WW II and were, I believe,
                                  augmented by a number of ex Hellenic Air Force machines.  They were operated until about 1944.