Avro 621 Tutor  K3215                                             (c/n


                                  The Tutor was ordered by the RAF in 1931 as a succsessor to that famous veteran, the Avro 504,
                                  as its standard primary trainer.  Originally powered with a 155 h.p. Armstrong-Siddeley Mongoose
                                  engine, later production models were equipped with the 215 h.p. Lynx IVC incorporating a Townend
                                  ring cowling.  Tutors also saw service with Argentina, Canada, China, Denmark, Eire, Estonia, Greece,
                                  Poland and South Africa.  K3215 seen above whilst with the RAF, was later civilianized as G-AHSA
                                  and is now part of the Shuttleworth Trust collection where it flies as K3241 for some reason.