Armstrong Whitworth Sinaia     J6858


                                  This photograph has puzzled me ever since I received it from Sir W.G. Armstrong Whitworth Aircraft
                                  Ltd. in the 1940s.   It looks like an optical illusion.  Evidently the gunner's position was an extension of
                                  the engine nacelle (presumably one on each side).  That being the case, how come the roundel appears
                                  to be on the side of the nacelle also?   The gunner's pod looks like it's an extension, or grafted onto, the
                                  fuselage itself.   Below is a close up of the offending design peculiarity.  It doesn't make sense.  And yet
                                  the photograph appears not to have been tampered with.   Anyway, this prototype was produced at the
                                  end of 1918 as a D.H.10 competitor.   The signing of the Peace Treaty killed any desire on the part of
                                  the RAF to consider it, notwithstanding the fact that, at that time, funding for new types was virtually