Armstrong Whitworth A.W.19   A-3                                          (c/n  923)


                                           The A.W.19 was a 2-3 seat general purpose biplane first flown in 1934.  It was a private
                                           venture designed in response to Air Ministry Spec G4/31.  As such, the image here shows
                                           it with Class B registration A-3.  It was later given the military serial K5606    The design
                                           featured excellent visibility for the pilot, seated as he was high up ahead of the top wing in
                                           an open cockpit. Aft of the wings was a gunner's cockpit fitted with a Lewis m/g mounted
                                           on a ring.  Forward armament consisted of a single Vickers m/g firing through the airscrew.
                                           Between the cockpits was cabin with an observer-navigator's station.   The bomb (or torpedo)
                                           load was carried under the center fuselage, with smaller ordnance carried under the wings.
                                           The winner of the Spec was the Vickers Wellesey and only the prototype A.W.19 was built.