Aero Commander L-26C-AD      55-4647                  (c/n  680-310-65)


                                    President Eisenhower was so taken by the Aero Commander design that he ordered two for
                                    White House use. (Single engine performance was one of the criteria).  They were notable in
                                    that they were the smallest aircraft ever to carry the "Air Force One" title and also were the
                                    first to wear the blue and white livery.  Seen above in this Aero Dewsign & Engineering Co.
                                    print is the one more frequrently used, 55-4647 (and, in truth, Eisenhower himself probably
                                    only used it two or three times betwen 1956 and 1960).  This aircraft is now on display at the
                                    National Museum of the United States Air Force at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base in Ohio.