Boeing 707-338C  A20-627                              (c/n  19627)


                                   This was Qantas' VH-EAG.  Both these shots are by Greg Banfield.    In the lower one, taken at
                                   Mascot in April 1979 it is still in basic Qantas livery, with a RAAF roundel and serial painted on the
                                   red tail (see enlargement).  Possibly the serial was applied as decals since some form of ID would
                                   be required to ferry it to Richmond or somewhere, and, with a roundel, it could hardly be flown as
                                   VH-EAG.  Anyway, by the time Greg took the photo above, (also at Mascot) in March 1985, it
                                   had been repainted in (the then) standard military livery        This 707 had originally been delivered
                                   to the international carrier in May 1968,.      With the RAAF it was a VIP aircraft, and was named
                                   'Windsor Town'.     It was withdrawn from service in 2001, used for spares and finally scrapped
                                   at RAAF Richmond in 2009.