Armstrong Whitworth A.W.23    K3585                             (c/n AW.1251)


                                   This rather ugly looking machine was the A.W.23, a bomber/transport aircraft built to spec C26/31.
                                   First flight was on 4 June 1935.   The prototype seen above was the only example built.   It became
                                   a tanker for Flight Refueling Ltd in 1937 and was used in the first flight refueling test with Imperial
                                   Airways Class "C" flying boat G-ADUV "Cambria", under the direction of Sir Alan Cobham.
                                   In 1939 the A.W.23 was civilly registered G-AFRX and stored at Ford, Sussex.  It was destroyed
                                   in a raid on that aerodrome by the Luftwaffe on 18 August 1940.