YU-ADK    Convair 440-58                                       (c/n 461)


                                  By 1948 Yugoslavia severed its close ties with the Soviet Union.   This allowed the nation to gain
                                  access to hard currency and a fleet of Convair 340s was acquired.  These were augmented, in
                                 1957, by eight Convair 440 Metropolitans, one of which is seen above in what is undoubtedly a
                                  manufacturer's photograph.   More Convair 340s were subsequently added to the fleet and JAT
                                  wound up operating 15 Convairliners of various marques over the years.   YU-ADK returned to
                                  the US in 1974, working for Wright Airlines.  By the mid 1990s it had been converted to a Basler
                                  Turbo as N115BF.