YU-ACC  Douglas DC-3                                    (c/n  13014)


                                 I probably should have indexed this as a C-47, rather than a DC-3.  Just look at the door!  Despite
                                 that fact that JAT were not the first civilian operator of this ex RAF Dakota III (KG531) the cargo
                                 door still hasn't been replaced.   This aircraft was actually civilianized (at Bovingdon) in 1946 as
                                 ZS-BCY for Suidair International Airlines.  They retained it for less than a year before selling it to
                                 the Balkan national carrier.  This is an early photograph of a JAT DC-3 (circa 1947) and it is
                                 interesting to note that the signwriter got the official airline name wrong.  It was organized as Jugo-
                                 slovenski Aerotransport with no space between the Aero and Transport.  Later aircraft had the
                                 titling correctly all as one word.  YU-ACC crashed whilst en route from Belgrade to Skopje on
                                 22 October 1951.