YU-ABH  Douglas DC-3                              (c/n  9488)


                                        Jugoslovenski Aerotransport was organized by the Yugoslav government in 1946.  The pre-war
                                        national airline, Aeroput, was not resurrected.   The initial equipment of Ju52/3ms were soon replaced
                                        with DC-3s.  This less than spectacular shot, from the Jennifer Gradidge collection, shows a JAT
                                        DC-3 wearing mid-1950s livery, after white-topping.  YU-ABH was a former RAF Dakota III
                                        (FD870) civilianized in 1946 for the Yugoslav carrier.  It came to grief on 25 August 1952 when it
                                        made a forced landing on Mount Prenj near Mostar in what is now Bosnia and Herzegovina. Shortly
                                       after the emergency evacuation a fire erupted and totally destroyed the aircraft.   The 28 passengers
                                       four crew were able to escape.