TF-RVJ  Grumman JRF-6B Goose                  (c/n  1125)


                                  TF-RVJ was one of five* ex US Navy JRF-6s to be used on intra-island services by Loftleidir
                                  immediately post WW II.    This aircraft had served with the RAF as a Grumman Goose 1A with
                                  the serial FP475 before being acquired by the Icelandic carrier.  It was lost on a flight enroute to
                                  Kodiak, Alaska in 1974 whilst registered N1583V.
                                  The aircraft were:
                                              TF-RVK (JRF-5, c/n B-71, Bu37818 N1507V N30Y)
                                              TF-RVA (G-21A, c/n 1020, NC20650 PP-XAN N1503V)
                                              TF-RVI (JRF-6B, c/n 1139, Bu0195B BW792 FP489 Bu66339)
                                              TF-RVJ (JRF-6B, c/n 1125, Bu0181B BW778 FP457 Bu66352 N1583V)
                                              TF-RVG (JRF-6B, c/n 1168, Bu66368 FP518 N74110 N49c PT-AFO N79U N401SJ)