TF-ISK  Consolidated PBY-5A Catalina            (c/n  81)


                                     In addition to its DC-3s Flugfelag also operated three Catalinas (TF-ISJ and TF-ISP were the
                                     others) to outlying communities whose only access was by water.  My Icelandic correspondent
                                    Olafur Sigurdsson indicates that the Icelandic CAA has the c/n on this aircraft as 81, being ex
                                    Bu05005 and RAF Catalina Mk. III FP532, and I will bow to their judgment on this.  My own
                                    records stated that its c/n was 504.  Note DC-4 type tail prop.  TF-ISK was withdrawn from
                                    use in 1958, de-registered in 1961 and broken up at Reykjavik.