Schiphol Airport, Amsterdam, 1946


                                     The image above shows Schiphol Airport under reconstruction in 1946.   Most of the DC-4s in this
                                     photograph are carrying Dutch Air Force orange triangles and would have had serials in the NL-300
                                     series.  The center one in the foreground is PH-TAM already converted with KLM livery.  Also
                                     present are four D.H.89A Dragon Rapides and five C-47As, a couple of which had already been
                                     converted to DC-3C standard.  In the center of the airfield is a single engined machine with a square
                                     tail, which Ronan Hubert in Switzerland advises me is almost certainly a Koolhoven FK.43.  To its
                                     left are two Beech UC-45s.  I will reproduce below an enlargement of this portion of the field.