SP-LCA  Douglas DC-3CS1C3G                               (c/n  7367)


                                        In 1946 LOT received half a dozen war surplus C-47s which were used on freight duties.  Some;
                                        like SP-LCA seen above, were left in camouflage for some time.            This rare image is via the
                                        Wydawnictwo Stratus collection in Poland.   An early C-47-DL (42-5673) it saw service in North
                                        Africa and then went to Russia immediately after the was.   Like most of these LOT DC-3s it was
                                        sold to Iranian Airlines in the late 1950s, although they were basically replaced by other DC-3s at
                                        that time.  SP-LCA became EP-AED.  It was later leased in the Republic of the Congo as 9Q-AED
                                        and then saw service in Zaire as 9T-PIF.    Some reports have it as returning to Iranair in 1963, but
                                        that is doubtful.         Judging by the way these aircraft were used (abused?) in central Africa during
                                        those times, I doubt that Iranair would want it back.