SE-BSB  Saab 90 Scandia                                    (c/n  90.105)


                                        Despite the fact that the Scandia was an efficient, reliable and economic airliner to operate, Saab
                                        built only 17 production examples.  SE-BSB was the fifth.   SAS originally ordered six of them,
                                        although this was augmented in 1954 to include two more.  All the others found a ready market
                                        in Brazil -  with Aerovias Brasil initially,  and then with VASP when that carrier bought out the
                                        former carrier.   In the event, even the SAS machines (four were SE- registered and two were
                                        LN-) also wound up in Brazil.    SE-BSB became PP-SQW with VASP in 1957.   It is seen
                                        above in the SAS livery of the late 1940s.