SE-BCA  Saab 90 Scandia                                          (c/n  90.001)


                                    This undistinguished (although perfectly acceptable) "DC-3" replacement was first flown as far
                                    back as 16 November 1946.  The problem was, in those days, that there were so many cheap
                                    actual DC-3s available, that to produce a new aircraft which could compete with this readily
                                    available pool and still remain economically viable, at least from an airline bottom line standpoint,
                                    was almost impossible.   Seen above is the prototype at the company airstrip in 1947. After
                                    flight testing was completed this aircraft, and indeed, along with all the other 17 production
                                    Scandias, wound up in Brazil.   SE-BCA would become  PP-SQB with VASP in 1950.