SE-BAC  Douglas DC-3-214                              (c/n  1975)


                                  When war broke out in 1939, Sweden elected to stay neutral, and surprisingly was not subjected
                                  to the Blitzkreig.  (Well, there are many reasons, but we won't go into that).  Anyway, to safely fly
                                  their civil aircraft these were painted with large "neutrality" markings, as seen on SE-BAC above.
                                  Despite this, the last of the pre-war batch of DC-3s to be delivered, SE-BAF, was shot down by
                                  the Luftwaffe on  the night of 27 August 1943 whilst the aircraft was en route from Scotland to
                                  Sweden.  This act was not admitted by Germany until 1951 although, in retrospect, it was probably
                                  justified.  After all, neutral aircraft, theoretically, should only have been travelling between neutral
                                  countries.  SE-BAC above was sold to Karhumaki Airways in Finland in 1954 as OH-VKB.