SE-AFB  Junkers Ju 52/3m                                  (c/n  5620)


                                  The airliner of choice for many European airlines in the mid to late 1930s was undoubtedly the
                                  Ju 52/3m.  AB Aerotransport, which by then was calling itself Swedish Air Lines, had about 10
                                  of them.  SE-AFB was named "Gotaland". Although scanned at a decent dpi, the moire effect
                                  on the corrugated finish obtained from this nice print from ABA, especially on the tail, is some-
                                  what distressing.  However, with my limited scanning ability, this is about the best I can do.
                                  SE-AFB was sold in October 1948 to IBERIA as EC-ADO.