PH-TGA  Douglas DC-6A                              (c/n  44076)


                                           In 1953 KLM purchased two purpose built DC-6A freighter aircraft.  These were generally
                                           given the name "Liftmaster" by the airlines which operated them.  KLM's cargo operations
                                           had started to take off in a big way and they needed these dedicated freighters.  Many DC-6As
                                           were built as "windowless wonders" but KLM's both (the other was PH-TGB) had windows,
                                           making them more or less convertible to passenger aircraft should the need arise.  Both were
                                           sold off in 1960, PH-TGA going to Nevead Aero Trades (who leased them out to a number of
                                           carriers) as N6574C.