PH-TFR  Lockheed L-1049C Super Constellation            (c/n  4502)


                                      This was probably originally a Lockheed photograph (although I acquired it from KLM) taken
                                      over the California high desert country.  Clearly it isn't Holland!    PH-TFR was the first of nine
                                      L-1049Cs purchased by ther airline in 1953.  When, in 1954, the mass re-registrations took
                                      place, this aircraft became PH-LKR, although still retained its "Electron" name.  It was with-
                                      drawn from use at Schipol in 1961 and broken up a year later.  I just wonder, when they were
                                      first entered into the asset register, what the depreciative life of the aircraft was considered to be?
                                      At a price tag of some $1.5M apiece, it seems to me that these machines would scarcely have
                                      been fully depreciated by the time they were written off.  Any ex-KLM accountants out there?