PH-TCY  Douglas DC-3                                       (c/n  9410)


                                    Early 1950s shot by Jennifer Gradidge of a KLM DC-3 at London Airport.  The rego had,
                                    by this tine, been moved to the fin, but was still large enough to be read.  (Later, in the late
                                    1950s, it was very "in" to paint the identity of aircraft in such minuscule titling that it was
                                    virtually impossible to read if one were more than 10 metres away!.   PH-TCY was a former
                                    C-47A-25-DL (42-23548) and was one of almost thirty operated by KLM on their local
                                    European services.   In the mid-1950s KLM re-registered their aircraft under a different
                                    system, whereby the lead letter represented the manufacturer ("D" for Douglas, "L" for Lock-
                                    heed etc)..   Under this scheme PH-TCY became PH-DAC.