PH-LLE  Lockheed L-188C Electra II               (c/n   2012)


                                     This image was acquired from Jennifer Gradidge for the second volume of my still-born books
                                     to have been entitled "Airlines and Airliners of Yesteryear".  In the event I decided to put all the
                                     images out on the website.  Anyway,  KLM had procured a dozen of the improved "series II"
                                     Electras in 1959, and operated them in the 1960s decade.  In accordance with the scheme then
                                     adopted, they were registered in the PH-L-- series (for "Lockheed").    This shot was taken at
                                     London Airport in the early 1960s.    This aircraft was sold to Universal Airlines in the US in
                                     1968 as N855U and converted to a freighter.   On 24 August 1970 the aircraft was operating on
                                     a Logair flight for the US military from Hill AFB to Grand Forks via Mountain Home, Spokane,
                                     Great Falls and Minot.  Shortly after take-off from Minot AFB on the final leg to Grand Forks
                                     when the gear came up the aircraft was seen to pitch 15 degrees nose down and crash onto the
                                     runway, some 8200 feet from the threshold.    After sliding another 2600 feet it turned 90 deg
                                     and came to a stop. Faulty manipulation of the hydraulic pumps providing boost to the pitch
                                     control was given as the cause of the accident.  The aircraft was a write-off.