PH-DFK  Douglas DC-6B                                       (c/n  43552)


                                Good job this is a DC-6B.  A smaller aircraft could not have accomodated the name of "Jan Huyghen
                                van Linshoten" (a 16th century Dutch voyager).  In presenting my collection by registration sequence,
                                however, the re-registrations which occured in 1954 tend to throw off the historical sequence, if one
                                views them one by one..  This aircraft was built in 1952 as PH-TFK.   Synonomous with the identity
                                change came the white tops.  The DC-6Bs served KLM for a decade and were then sold off, this one
                                going to Adria Aviapromet in Jugoslavia as YU-AFE.     Several owners later it was finally broken up
                                in Keflavik Iceland, in 1975.