PH-ASL  Lockheed 14-WF62 Super Electra                        (c/n  1444)

                                 PH-ASL was the second of two Lockheed 14s destined for service in Europe by KLM.  Four others
                                 went to the West Indies Division.  The first one, PH-APE was lost in a fiery crash near Schiphol in
                                 December 1938 whilst on a training flight.  .  With only one left, clearly regular services could not be
                                 maintained and, in the event, PH-ASL was sold to (the first) British Airways in August 1939 becoming
                                 G-AFYU.     As such it was lost off Malta on 21 december 1939 in the early stages of WW II. .  The
                                 above photo, from the R.A. Scholefield collection shows it at Manchester Ringway a year earlier, whilst
                                 working the Schiphol-Doncaster-Ringway-Speke service in lieu of the normal DC-2