PH-APE  Lockheed 14-WF62 Super Electra                             ( c/n 1413).


                                    In 1938 KLM ordered six Lockheed 14s.    Four were destined for the West Indies Division and
                                    two were to be used in Europe   As was their want in those days, KLM named their aircraft after
                                    birds.  PH-APE was named 'Elkster' (Magpie), whilst the other 'local; machine, PH-ASL, was
(Spoonbill). '.     On 9 December 1938 PH-APE crashed near Schiphol on a training
                                    flight   It appears that the starboard  engine failed at low altitude due to pilot error.    The aircraft
                                    stalled and crashed on a farm, struck a dike and burst into flames.        All four crew were killed.
                                    The above image is from the Bill Larkins collection.     It was originally taken at Grand Central Air
                                    Terminal in  Glendale, California by John C. Mitchell in 1938.