PH-AKT  Douglas DC-2-115H                              (c/n  1366)


                                    Whereas the standard engine for the DC-3 was the Wright Cyclone SGR-1820-F2,  The Standard
                                    Oil Company requested that their executive model be powered with 720 hp Pratt & Whitney S8EG
                                    Hornet engines.    For comparative purposes, KLM opted to acquire one such machine also. Not
                                    only did PH-AKT "Toekan" have "non standard" engines (at least as far as DC-2s were concerned)
                                    but it also carried "Koninklyke Luchtvarrt Maatshappy" on the port side and "Royal Dutch Air Lines"
                                    on the starboard - the reverse of the normal livery.   It was accepted by the airline in May of 1935.
                                    The close-up below shows the engine installation to better advantage.  PH-AKT was captured by the
                                    advancing German Army in May of 1940.  (The DC-2s on the ground at Schipol seemed somehow
                                    to escape the initial bombardment of the airfield).  It was then impressed into service, initially with
                                    Lufthansa as D-AIAV, and later with the Luftwaffe as NA+LA.  It was written off in a crash at
                                    Lammershagen in August of 1940