OY-KMA  Douglas DC-6B                                    (c/n  43548)


                                   Although the SAS consortium was founded in 1946, it was not until 1948 that the three individual
                                   entities lost their identity, so to speak, and the fleet was repainted in SAS livery.   After that the
                                   assignment of registrations was based on a ratio of the per centage of ownership of the three
                                   countries involved.    This was roughly as follows:  Sweden (SE-) 40% and Norway (LN-) and
                                   Denmark (OY-) 30% each.  On boarding a flight from say Copenhagen to London, the air-
                                   liner would have been, and still is, registered randomly in any of the three registers involved. 
                                   OY-KMA was one of some 20 or so DC-6Bs flown by the airline, and was delivered in 1952.
                                   Nine years later it was sold to Thai International as HS-TGD.  Although the above photograph
                                   was acquired from SAS, I suspect that the original had been a Douglas Aircraft shot insofar as
                                   that looks suspiciously like the L.A. River winding down below.