OY-DFI   Douglas DC-4-1009                        (c/n  42931)


                                     Ah......those were the days.....when one could board an airliner by walking across the grass.
                                     In 1946 the newly emerged (after WW II) DDL took delivery of two new purpose-built (i.e.
                                     not converted C-54s) DC-4s.  (The other one was OY-DFO).   My image is from a post
                                     card of the era.  The DC-4s were not to remain in Danish Air Lines markings for long, how-
                                     ever, since on 1 August 1948 the three Scandinvian airlines:  Det Danske Luftartselskab A/S
                                     (DDL) of Denmark, Det Norske Luftfartsselskap AS (DNL) of Norway and AB Aerotransport
                                     (ABA) of Sweden merged to form the Scandinavian Airlines System consortium.   For a while
                                     (until about 1951) the three companies retained some form of  autonomy but later all new air-
                                     craft were registered in one of  the three national registers, (SE-, LN- or OY-) in some sort of
                                     stock holding ratio.   After eight years of service with SAS as "Dan Viking", OY-DFI was sold
                                     to Air Charter in the U.K. as G-AOXK.  (It wound up and was withdrawn from use in, the
                                     Congo, in 1977).