OY-DDA  Douglas DC-3                            (c/n  19288)


                                   This post card was probably a coloring of a black and white photo.  Whatever, it is the only image
                                   I have of this historic Danish Air Lines DC-3.  OY-DDA was one of a dozen similar machines oper-
                                   ated by DDL at the time that SAS was born.  This one became "Sven Viking" with Scandinavian
                                   Airlines System.  It was built as a C-47A-70-DL (42-100825) and was one of the C-47As used in
                                   support of the allied landings over Normandy on D-Day   It was later sold to a broker and registered
                                   in the US "foreign" series as N9984F before returning stateside to become Piedmont Airlines' N50V
                                   "Chesapeake Pacemaker"
.   It later went to the French Navy who used 100825 as its serial number.
                                   This aircraft has been preserved and is on display at the Ligue D' Amitie Parachutist Airborne Troops
                                   Museum at St. Mere Eglise, France.  It has been modified back to full C-47A standard and is painted
                                   as it was during the airborne assaults of June1944.