OO-SHG  Sikorsky S-58C            (c/n  58.324)

                                     So successful were Sabena's helicopter operations, than no less than 10 new upgraded S-58s
                                     were ordered in 1955.     Unfortunately, the economics of such operations were just not viable
                                     and in November of 1956 the decision was made to terminate all its helicopter services.  By that
                                     time fixed wing schedules were covering just about all the territory operated by the rotary wing
                                     craft anyway.   The S-58s, which were virtually brand new, were taken over by the Belgian Air
                                     Force.   OO-SHG became OT-ZKI.  The above photograph is a United Aircraft image taken
                                     at Stratford, Connecticut, prior to delivery to the Belgian national carrier.