OO-SHA  Sikorsky S-55                     (c/n  55.458)


                                       SABENA was one of the few airlines to dabble in helicopter services (other than pure helicopter
                                       carriers, as such)..  Following some intra-Belgium air mail operations in the early 1950s  it launched
                                       into what was billed as the world's first international helicopter service in 1953 when Brussels was
                                       linked with Lille, Maastricht and Rotterdam.   These cities were expanded later on to include Cologne,
                                       Bonn, Dortmund, Duisburg, Eindhoven and Paris   . On November 1 1966 these money losing heli-
                                       copter operations were suspended as conventional airport-to-airport services improved.  OO-SHA
                                       was delivered in 1953.