OO-SDB  Douglas DC-6                                          (c/n  43064)


                                         OO-SDC was one of five DC-6s delivered to Sabena in 1947.   Prior to the airline re-registering
                                         their aircraft into a "motif" scheme (i.e. 'S' for 'Sabena', 'D' for Douglas) in 1951 it was originally
                                         OO-AWC.  It is seen above at Melsbroek in the mid 1950s in company with two BEA Viscounts
                                         and a similar Lufthansa machine.   In 1958 it was leased to Lebanese International Airways as
                                         OD-ACY and in 1965 sold outright to Spantax S.A. as EC-AZX.   After a spell as TI-A414B
                                          it wound up on the US register as N5594R.  It appears to have been withdrawn from use in 1982.