OO-POM  Avions Fairey Primer                                    (c/n  F.8455


                                     The Primer was a post-WW II variant of the Tipsy M, designed in Belgium during the 1930s by
                                     Ernest Tips.*  Avions Fairey built Fairey aircraft under license to the Belgian Government, although
                                     Tips designed and built a series of light aircraft locally.    OO-POM, which first flew in 1938 was
                                     taken apart as war began and shipped to the parent company in Hayes, Middlesex.  A production
                                     line of some ten examples was to have built as ab initio trainers although, in the event, only one other
                                     Primer is reputed to have been constructed.  .

                                    *  In the early 1950s Ernest Oscar Tips continued his development of ultra light aircraft and several
                                        Tipsy B and Nipper types were produced many of which are still flying.  .  .