OO-AWO  Convair 240-12                        (c/n  128)


                                  Here's an evocative shot of SABENA's first Convairliner, taken from under the wing of the second
                                  one, OO-AWP.   This shows well the augmented thrust nozzles of the port Pratt & Whitney Double
                                  Wasp R-2800-CA18 engine of the latter.   OO-AWO was delivered in February of 1949 and was
                                  written off when it crashed at Brussels' Zaventem Airport on 19 December 1953.   The Convair had
                                  descended below the glidepath in dark and bad weather and touched down 2.5 kms short of the run-
                                  way.  Pilot error was stated as the cause of the accident which killed one passenger out of a total of
                                  40 passengers and 3 crew aboard.