OO-AWA  Douglas DC-6                        (c/n  43062)


                                    Although Sabena did operate the Douglas DC-4, they were used, in the main, on its African
                                    services, which is probably why I don't have a representative photograph of one. Early in 1947,
                                    however, the airline ordered three new DC-6s from the manufacturer, the first of which is seen
                                    above in this rather grainy shot taken from a post card of the era.   This aircraft was re-registered
                                    OO-SDA in in 1951 in keeping with Sabena's then penchant for registering their aircraft with
                                    "significant" regos - i.e. "S" for Sabena, "D" for Douglas.    OO-SDA was sold to Air France in
                                    1956 as F-BHVA.