OO-AUL  Douglas DC-3D               (c/n  42968)


                                  A line up of SABENA DC-3s at the old Haren Airport, Brussels in 1947.    Nearest the camera is
                                  OO-AUL a post war purpose built DC-3D, as was the aircraft behind it, OO-AUZ (c/n 43090).
                                  On the far left is OO-AWN (c/n 12767) a C-47A-5-DK (42-108847)  still in olive drab, but with
                                  SABENA in white over the cabin windows.   The aircraft to the right of it is yet another "true"
                                  DC-3D, OO-AUM (c/n  42973).  This image is from a post card of the era.