OO-AIR  SABCA-Fokker F.VIIb-3m                   (c/n  unknown)


                                 I do wish SABENA had provided me with a side elevation shot of this aircraft.   The 3/4 shot below,
                                 which is a little more illuminatory, came from a Fokker brochure of the late 1930s.  Anyway, in 1929
                                 the Belgian state carrier updated its ancient fleet of Handley-Page W.8s, Bleriot Spads and Airco
                                 D.H.9s with a fleet of trimotor Fokker F.VIIs.  After a single F.VIIa had been imported from the
                                 manufacturer, SABCA went ahead and built at soke 28 addition F.VIIb-3ms under license.  Not
                                 only were they used on flights from Brussels to most European capitals, but also flew proving flights
                                 to the Belgian Congo.   OO-AIR was delivered in1930 and was withdrawn from use six years later.