OK-AIR  Fokker F.XVIII                                       (c/n  5311)


                                           OK-AIR was the former PH-AIR.  It was sold by KLM to CLS in 1936 (along with PH-AIQ
                                           which became....guess what?  OK-AIQ).   The image above is courtesy Fokker Aircraft B.V. 
                                           These machines were used the prestigious Prague to Berlin and Vienna routes.   When Germany
                                           overran Czechoslovakia in 1939 (well, Chamberlain called it a "political, not a "military" solution)
                                           all of CLS' and CSA's fleet were absorbed by Deutsche Luft Hansa.   DLH continued to operate
                                           the Fokker and it was re-registered D-AAIR. The "AIR" connotation was obviously well liked.
                                           This machine was the subject of Player & Sons International Air Liners 1938 cigarette card
                                           set (No 11) and I append below a rendering of this image (I just love the bus).