OK-AFA  Avia (Fokker) F.VIIb-3m                            (c/n  1)


                                       Ceskoslovenske Statni Aerolinie (CSA) was formed as early as 1923 with a route from Prague to
                                       Uzhorod, via Bratislava and Kosice.  D.H.50s and Farman aircraft were used.  In 1930 the Avia
                                       concern in Czechoslovakia obtained a license to build the ubiquitos Fokker F.VIIb-3m and built
                                       over twenty of these machines for CSA, CLS and the French airline CIDNA.  OK-AFA was the
                                       first for CSA.  It was withdrawn from service in 1938.  This image is courtesy Avia Aircraft.