OH-VKC  Douglas DC-3D                                        (c/n 42970)


                                  One of Karhumaki Airways DC-3s seen departing Helsinki Airport in the early 1950s.  The bank to
                                  port is presumably to avoid the radio transmission pylon seen in the middle backgound.  The airline
                                  had three DC-3s at the time, OH-VKA/B and C.    The first two were ex-SAS machines, although
                                  OH-VKC had been built new as a DC-3D after WW II and delivered intially to Air France as
                                  F-BAXA. From there it went to Middle East Airlines in the Lebanon (as LR-AAV, later OD-AAV),
                                  and then to Sweden as SE-EGR before being acquired by Karhumaki.   It was later moved to out-
                                  side storage at Aarhus, Denmark, but I am not sure what became of it finally.