OH-LRA  Convair 340-40                                                   (c/n  40)


                                     In 1953 Aero O/Y Finnish Airlines ordered three Convair 340s.  Notable in this shot is the
                                     titling of "Airlines".  Now one, in lieu of the two words used in 1940s.  All three (OH-LRA.
                                     -LRB and -LRC) were updated to Convair 440 standard in 1956, when the airline purchased
                                     three purpose built Metropolitans.   The shot below evokes memories of European airports
                                     in the 1950s and shows OH-LRA along with a Sabena Convair 240 and a SAS DC-3 at
                                     Dusseldorf.Lohausen.   I am showing this image at slightly larger than my standard to enhance
                                     this rather nice panorama.    In 1971 OH-LRA was sold to one of those mysterious CIA-type
                                     companies (in this case Tri-Nine Corporation) whose "leased" it to Air Cambodge.  Two years
                                     later, on 12 June 1973 it was destroyed in a rocket attack at Phnom-Penh, Cambodia.