OH-LCC   Douglas DC-3                                 (c/n  14066/25511)


                                         Here's a fairly early (circa 1948) shot of OH-LCC displaying the original livery carried when the
                                         airline re-commenced services after WW II.    Another ex Skytrain, this aircraft was built as a
                                         C-47A-30-DK  (43-48250).  During a previous accident it was rebuilt using parts from c/n 19506.
                                         However, on 3 January 1961 the aircraft was on an internal Finnish flight when it crashed in the
                                         woods near Koivulahti, 10.5 Km from its final destination (Vaasa) runway.  Pilot error was given
                                         as the cause of the accident.  The aircraft had begun to execute a slow left hand turn when it stalled
                                         and spun in, killing all 25 on board.    It was determined that both pilot and co-pilot had had
                                         insufficient sleep prior to taking the flight, plus a certain amount of alcohol had been consumed
                                         by the pilot in command.